Jane Bay takes us through her personal process of overcoming the death of her Tibetan daughter that culminates in an uplifting conclusion despite the inherently tragic circumstances that are at the heart of the story.

Deepak Chopra
Author, Peace Is the Way


The essential question of spiritual life can be expressed as, "How is it that some people emerge from suffering with great faith and compassion, while others remain feeling broken and alone?" LOVE & LOSS is a beautiful exploration of that question, and a healing testament to the power of undying love.

Sharon Salzberg
Author, Faith


LOVE & LOSS gives us a glimpse of the invisible web of connectedness between us and its power to help heal even the deepest of wounds. In sharing the loss of her Tibetan daughter, Jane Bay offers a rare opportunity to experience the mystery and power of Motherlove, not as a biological accident but as a relationship between souls. LOVE & LOSS is a testimony to the vulnerability of incarnation and the immortality of the soul.

Rachel Naomi Remen, MD
Author, Kitchen Table Wisdom


LOVE & LOSS movingly recounts a journey of love and loss, via friendship and caring, to healing and celebration. Jane Bay shares her bittersweet, deeply personal affirmation of our interconnection and the quiet power of love. This book will be a balm for anyone whose heart still aches from a profound loss.

Daniel Goleman
Author, Social Intelligence


'That is the real gift of this book: the message that others can help us heal and our healing can help others. By providing an authentic look at grief and an honest approach to healing, Bay offers hope. "There is life after death, not just for the person who has died, but for the loved ones left behind who must go on living, and hopefully living in the moment with a greater sense of joy." Unique and poignant, this is an important book for everyone coping with loss or helping someone else copy with loss.'

Donna Baker Church

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