Love & Loss Photo Gallery

Jane Bay shot a series of photos on her return trip to Tibet. These images represent meaningful events that happened in Love & Loss.


Namgyal and Jane - Yamdrok Lake, Tibet
Photographer: Auntie Drakpa


Namgyal made snowman in front of Potala Palace, Lhasa
Photographer: Kelsang Dolma (Namgyal’s best friend)


Lhakyi and Tenzin Monkyi
Photographer: Tenzin Tsering


Namgyal, Jane and Auntie Drakpa


Namgyal and Jane in manager’s apartment at Kyichu Hotel


Tenzin Tsering, Dr. Namgang, Jane and Namgyal


Namgyal in New Years dress


Jane feeding yak yogurt to Tenzin Monkyi with Namgyal


Dickey’s brother, Tsedor, and his wife Lhakpa


Jane and Namgyal toasting


Kaltsun pouring Coca-Cola into champagne glass


Jane with Auntie Sonam, daughter Tsedon, husband Lhoka and Grandmother Dhechen Wangmo


Namgyal and her father


Tsetan Khensur and Tibetan flag – Dharamsala, India


Dr. Namgang, Tsetan Khensur, Namgyal, Dr. Tinley (Dickey’s mother) and Dickey – Lhasa, Tibet


Uncle Losoel, Tenzin Tsering and Tenzin Monkyi
Photographer: Melene Smith


Lhakyi’s mother, Tenzin Monkyi and cousin Tenzin Saldon
Photographer: Melene Smith


Lhakyi and monk at Johkang Temple in Lhasa
Photographer: Melene Smith


Jane and Dickey at Rehearsal Dinner
Phtographer: Donna M. Guenther, M.D.


Dickey’s mother-in-law, Dickey and Jane at Wedding
Photographer: Donna M. Guenther, M.D.


Jane at Tarboche – base of Mt. Kailash


Puja fire burning of Namgyal’s hat – Mt. Kailash
Photographer: Rich Martini


Dechen and Bob Thurman on roof of the Johkang Temple Lhasa, Tibet.
Photographer: Rich Martini


Tenzin Monkyi in Lexsea Mann’s ballerina dress


Lexsea Mann in Tibetan chuba


Two women walking around the Bharkor – Lhasa, Tibet
Photographer: Melene Smith


Tenzin Monkyi and Tenzin Saldon with Star Wars stuff
Photographer: Tenzin Tsering

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